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Product Features:

* GB208-tire balancing machines, we have developed the design, a completely independent intellectual property rights of the self-balancing machines new tire products, which enables the automatic tire data input, and includes a variety of patterns and aluminum alloy tire balance more precise definition of the balance of aluminum alloy tire model, tire unbalance Optimization (opt) model and balance hidden features, open programming, which allows users according to their own needs, intuitive custom edit the balance that best suit their operating habits settings can be greatly improved work efficiency. For example, the shield functional, protective shell control, unbalance Optimization (opt) reference value, the definition of system units, the smallest imbalance of choice.

* The machine also has a variety of creative ways tire data entry, convenient and efficient use of tire rotation can achieve data ncreases and decreases. Balance value of the various measurement and calibration device arm also easy-to-understand,and easy to operate.

* Also finishing the machines balance spindle, the standard 40 mm screw can be common standards at home and abroad with the balance of the annex, with spindle locking screw face and have been quenched after ultrasound Ground from durable handsome, motorcycles balance the unique mode of design, style motorcycle with the fixture, can balance a variety of style motorcycle tire.

* Streamlined contour design can be reversed external display devices, and thoughtful design-tool to your work easier.

* Patentable technology functional location markings, accurate positioning of the medial lateral imbalance position.

* Multi-mode customers can customize your most commonly used tyres and balance data model. Including a state of equilib-rium, the system and other units can be used to set up real-time retention and rapid call, giving you quick tire maintenance warranty provide the best possible convenience.

Dim DiameterMax. Wheel WeightMax. Wheel DiameterMax. Wheel WidthBalancing PrecisionMotor Power
75kg1000mm20″±2g250W 220V/50Hz