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BRONCO-A semi-automatic tyre changer.Suitable for handling 10"-24" wheels, and also capable of handling of 20" aluminium alloy rims without using attached device.It can mount and demount the tyre for the medium and minitype vehicle.It is specially suitable for the wide tyre.The machine is equipped with IT system.

Features for BRONCO-A

The manometer for inflating control equipped with deflating push button. The machine has CE approval, and accord with the UL demand.

Technical data:

Motor power0.75-1.1KW
Bead-breaker Force2500kg
Rim diameterRim Clamping from Outside 10″-20″
Rim Clamping from inside 12″-24″
Max.wheel diameter1250mm
Rim width3″-15″
Rotating speed≈7r/min
Pneumatic supply8-10bar