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GL-3.0-S(scissor lift)

GL-3.0-S(scissor lift)

Small platform scissor lift


1. Scissor concealing platform structure witch occupied small space.

2.Device perform stable work is relayed on imported hydraulic \ pneumatic and electrical components.

3. The pneumatic wide-teeth self-locking insurance system and anti-explosion pipe equipment ensure the safety and reliability of the device.

4. Easy for tyre of mount and dismount and chassis maintenance.

5. The highest lift height with 2M in the same kind products and adjustable platform length is suitable for various types of automobile.

Lifting weight(kg)30003500
Power supply380V/3PH or 220V/1PH389V/3PH
Lifting hight(mm)330-2030330-2030
Gas supply(kg/cm2)6-87-8