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Applicable environment: Widely used for excavation and crushing operations in open-pit mines and medium to large quarries.

 Bucket capacity (m ³) :  2.8-3.2 

Engine rated power (kW/rpm): 343/2100 

Bucket excavation force (kN): 283


Applicable environment: It can be widely used in agricultural water conservancy, river dredging, and municipal construction, and can meet different operational needs such as excavation, crushing, and demolition. It has good adaptability to working conditions and environmental conditions. 

Bucket capacity (m ³) : 1.0 to 1.2 

Engine rated power (kW/rpm): 129/2000 

Bucket excavation force (kN): 157

Cement Mixer Truck


SY204C-8Y(  )

Key parameter





Truck parameter

Total Load


Max Total Load


Dimension (L×W×H)


Axle distance


Minimum ground clearance


Minimum Turning Diameter


Oil Consumption /100KM

≤ 25L/100km

Brake distance V0=30km/h

≤ 10m (full load );≤ 9m (empty)m


Cylinder dia.*stroke




Wheel Loader


SEM656F  wheel loader

The powerful power system has three stages of air filtration, with the first stage filter element having a filtration efficiency of up to 93%, reducing early wear by over 90%. The electromagnetic fan can automatically adjust the speed based on the engine water temperature, resulting in lower fuel consumption. The four valve design provides more sufficient intake and higher combustion efficiency. Caterpillar technology shock absorption system effectively reduces the transmission of vibration to the frame. Increase reliability and comfort, reduce noise. Special upgrades to silencers, turbochargers, starters, etc. are more reliable. The polymorphic selection switch selects the engine power based on the severity of the working condition, resulting in higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Efficient hydraulic system with constant variable hydraulic system speed, three items and time only take 9.3 seconds, resulting in higher work efficiency. The constant variable hydraulic system only provides flow and pressure when needed, saving fuel consumption by 8-12%. Reliable transmission system with large capacity brake air bag, with stronger continuous braking ability. Optimize the layout of the transmission shaft and double the service life of the main transmission shaft. The advanced cooling system standard is a 43 ℃ cooling capacity cooler, which supports long-term high intensity continuous operation. The water-cooled design can balance oil and water temperatures, with a wider range of applications. It can be equipped with a 55 ℃ ambient cooling system, which has stronger adaptability to the environment. Standard fan screen protection to avoid accidental injury. The vibration reduction of the cooling system framework effectively ensures reliability under bumpy conditions. The insulation design around the cooling package prevents backflow and increases the cooling effect. The main hinge of the sturdy structural components adopts double row tapered roller bearings, which have stronger load-bearing capacity and higher reliability. Central hinged design for better reliability. The same trajectory of the front and rear tires reduces tire wear and reduces fuel consumption. Perform finite element analysis on the frame and stress strain testing on the entire machine to improve the reliability and durability of the product. The pin shaft of the boom bucket adopts a double-layer sealing structure, effectively preventing dust and moisture from entering and ensuring good lubrication effect. Convenient for maintenance of transmission and torque converter split installation, making disassembly and maintenance more convenient. The lubrication points of the front frame are centrally arranged for easy maintenance. The hydraulic system and braking system are equipped with pressure measuring joints for convenient pressure detection. The rear of the engine hood can be opened for easy cleaning. The left and right large door design makes maintenance easier. The safety reverse alarm and frame locking mechanism have been certified by professional institutions for greater safety. The upper and lower cab passages, maintenance and upkeep passages, etc. are all designed with three-point contact to ensure personnel safety. The noise level and braking performance are significantly better than the national mandatory requirements, with better safety. The luxurious cab door opens backwards to improve the front view. The driver's cabin increases space by 20%, making handling more comfortable. The glass area increases by 15%, providing a wider view. There are no steps in the cab, making cleaning easier. Pilot single handle operation, making the operation more convenient. Optimize the switch layout, making all operations within easy reach. Rich configuration with phone holder, 24V power supply, sunshade, etc. Left and right sliding windows provide more convenient ventilation. 7-way adjustable mechanical suspension seat with safety belt. Combined with adjustable steering column, making operation more comfortable and safe. There is a maintenance window at the bottom of the cab for easy maintenance and service. Integrated fuse and relay for easy maintenance.

Rated load capacity: 5500kg 

Operating weight: 17180kg 

Rated Power: 162kW

Truck Crane 


 XCT16_1   Truck Crane parameters

Code : XCT16_1

Rated Load: 16t

Arm Length(m): 33

Longitudinal/transverse span of support legs (mm):5100*5800

Engine no.: SC7H245Q5SC7H250Q6

Engine rated power(kW):180/2300184/2300