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Bio-Chemical Equipments


◆Automatic rotor identification system.

◆Displays the set value and the actual operation parameters simultaneously on LCD screen.

◆The operation parameters can be stored automatically.The service life of the rotor can be calculated automatically.

◆Directly driven by brushless frequency-conversion motor which has high start torque and short acceleration time.

◆The protective functions of imbalance, automatic door interlock, overtemperature and overspeed for the safety of people and instrument.

◆RCF value can be set for direct centrifugation besides speed setting.

◆Non-CFC refrigeration system (France Tecumseh Compressor Unit) for the purpose of environment protection.


Max speed



64800×g (24×1.5/2ml 25000r/min)

Max capacity


Speed accuracy


Acc/Dec rates

1~9 Profiles

Temperature setting range


Temperature control accuracy


Refrigeration system

Non-CFC Refrigeration System

Time setting range


Power supply

AC220V 50Hz 30A

Noise level














code: H2500R

2. Ultra high-speed centrifuge



GX-100 preparative ultracentrifuge most cutting-edge product, have a 15-inch large intelligent display, Chinese / English interface arbitrary choice, high performance intelligent centrifuge expert software, remote monitoring, etc. In addition, to further optimize the drive system and fins precise design and operation frequency, reducing the generation of resonance, in the history of the quietest preparative ultracentrifuge come to your side!


Technical Specifications:


Model: GX-100

Maximum speed (rpm): 100,000

Maximum relative centrifugal force (xg): 802,000

Speed control accuracy: ± 2rpm

Display: 15-inch LCD screen

Control software: a eXPert centrifuge expert software built into the host, you can directly download and run the simulated conditions;

. b with a variety of simulation and calculation functions, improve the efficiency of the experiment;

. c with rotor, centrifuge tubes and chemical resistance database to facilitate information inquiries;

. d zone / continuous flow flowchart interface display, simple and intuitive;

“Help” button on the display to facilitate content queries;

Language: English

Samples imbalance tolerance: ± 5mL or sample volume ± 10%

Cooling System: Semiconductor refrigeration, no CFC coolants

Temperature range: 0-40 ℃, 1 ℃ step

Highest vacuum: a vacuum of real-time digital display

Program Storage: 1000, each program can be set to 30 steps

Acceleration / deceleration selection: 10/11

Turned around and Security: includes a rotor dynamic inertial sensing

Turned management: a

Electronic signature: Yes

Instant run curve: there

Password protection: three levels of user lock function

Remote Monitoring: There

High efficiency particulate filter (HEPA): Optional

Noise: <51 dBa

Voltage range: 180 VAC – 264 VAC

Heat output: 1.0 KW / Hr (3400 Btu / Hr)

Dimensions (W x D x H cm): 94 x 68.1 x 125.7 cm

Weight (kg): 485 kg



3. Semi-automatic ELISA analyzer





Light sourceTungsten halogen lamp(6V 10W)Average lifespan≥5000h
DetectorPhotomultiplier Tube
Micro- plateAny format
Wavelength range400-700nm

450、492、630nm,accuracy:±2nm, width≤7nm,other

wavelength(410-600nm) optional

Reading range0.000-3.000Abs
Measurement MethodManual single-wavelength(vertical single-optical-channel)
Computing Model

Qualitative(S/CO、P/N、N/P、Inhibitory rate, etc)and

Quantitative analysis

RepeatabilityStandard coefficient of variation CV≤1%
Resolution0.001Abs(display, print); inner calculating 0.0001Abs
Operating modelMembrane keypad
Display4*12 LCD display
Power supplyAC220V±22v,50Hz


4. Automatic ELISA analyzer

 Code: DG5033A


It can be used to support all the Elisa method of examination items ,such as :Hepatitis B two and a half

pairs , AIDS,hepatitis A,Hepatitis C ,Torch 10 items , sex hormone , tumor cells ,T3,T4 ,tsh ,and so on

Hospital clinical diagnosis, immune pathology testing, microbial antigen and antibody detection,

parasitic diseases diagnosis ,blood disease diagnosis ,endocrine disorder measure ,plant diseases and

insect pets studies and other fields

Main Specification:

Main specification

Plate type 48-hole,96-hole microplates or bars.

Light source

Single light source,Halogen tungsten Lamp,with an average life

expectancy ≥5000 hours

Detector Silicon photocell

Wave length 400nm-750nm

Optical Filter Standard 405,450,492,630nm ,other wavelengths can be optional

Absorbance range 0.000-4.000Abs

Measurement mode Single-,dual-wavelength automatic measurement

Calculation mode Open type qualitative determination and quantitative analysis

Repeatability CV ≤0.3%

Stability ≤±0.003Abs

Resolution 0.001Abs

Reading speed ≤6s/96well plate,single wavelength

Vibration plate mode 5 strength(from weak to strong) can be set,time 0-240s adjustable

Display Large-screen LCD display,touch screen input

Interface USB printer interface ,RS232

Printer External wide-line printer

power supply AC220V±22V,50±1Hz



5. Isothermal Titration Calorimeter

 code: GT-100

Controlled by the computer, using WindosXP system, automatic water, without adjusting the water temperature, just put the barrel bomb loaded aerobic, the instrument can automatically complete all the tests

Temperature measurement range :0-40 ℃

Precision: ≤ 0.1%

Resolution: 0.0001K

Power supply voltage: 220V ± 10% 50Hz

Ambient temperature :5-35 ℃, each test room temperature not more than 1K, the room is not strong airflow and sunlight; relative humidity less than 80%.

Without Computer


6. Automatic Plasma separator




7. Coagulation Analyzer


Test Method: Dispersion light nephelometric analysis

Test Principle: The highest point on first order differentiation, Percentage


Zero point correction: Auto track the zero point, eliminate the effect of

sample and reagent

Wavelength: 470nm

Light Source: Cold Lamp with high brightness and long lifetime

Detector: Unique dispersion light detector with high sensitivity and

repeatability, immunized the effect on result of jaundice、hemolysis、chyle

and turbidity on plasma

Test Channel: 4 channels,each channel is independent, one or more same

or different items can be test Simultaneously


8. Liquid Scintillation and Luminescence counter

Code: FJ-2107

The main technical indicators

· Detection efficiency for 3H: ≥ 50%

The background count: ≤ 40cpm

· On 14C detection efficiency: ≥ 90%

The background count: ≤ 60cpm

* A variety of work: CPM measurement, DPM measure, RIA curve measured tritium analysis

* A variety of curve fitting methods: 3/2 equation curve fitting, four-parameter equation, log-logit equation

· With data acquisition and data processing with PC computer

· Sample size: 100


9. Circular dichroism spectroscopy


nstrument Introduction :


Mainly for the optically active chiral substance . Research can be used in organic stereochemistry , optical purity of the active substance testing, quantitative analysis of drugs , natural organic chemistry , biochemistry and macro macromolecules, metal complex chemistry, polymer chemistry , protein folding , protein conformational studies , physical chemistry , etc.

Technical parameters:


MOS-500 CD circular dichroism

1 ) Light Source: 150W xenon light source while the device two 150W mercury lamps and xenon lamps.

2 ) detection function : circular dichroism , UV absorption spectroscopy, circular dichroism spectra of fluorescence line dichroism and fluorescence anisotropy spectrum .

3 ) Wavelength range : 163 – 950 nm ( expandable to 1250nm)

4 ) Wavelength accuracy : ± 0.1 nm (163nm – 1250nm)

5 ) Optical system: single prism / double grating

6 ) Stray light : <2 x 10-6 (200nm)

7 ) Noise : 0.01mdeg

8 ) Scan speed: up 12000nm/min..

9 ) with a solid powder measure – integrating sphere diffuse reflectance measuring device


Rapid kinetics stopped-flow device


1 ) Mixed mode : three – four mixed , various independent stepper motor control.

2 ) The minimum injection volume : 10uL

3 ) Flow Range : 0.01 – 40mL / s

4 ) Mixing ratio : continuously variable from 1:1 to 1:100

5 ) mixer : ball high efficiency mixing tank .

6 ) Minimum Dead Time: 0.2 ms ( with trace detection cell attachment )

7 ) Expansion capabilities : Frozen quenching , ultra-low temperature stopped-flow , temperature jump (Temp.Jump) and automatic titration , micro- conductivity detection