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Chemical Instruments

  1. X-ray Diffractometer (XRD)   TD-3500

Technical Parameters and Performance Characters

TD-Series X-ray diffractometers are mainly used in the analysis of power, massive or film samples with their qualitative/quantitative attributes, crystal structure, material structure, crystal orientation, micro and macro stress, size of crystal and crystallinity.


Major Technical Parameters



X-ray Generator

(Imported PLC Technology)

Voltage(Single-phase)AC 220V±10%As taking the imported PLC technology, so it has the characters of high automation, low faulty rate, high resistance to noisy factors, high stability and long life for the whole system. PLC working with PC controls the on/off of the shutter and the current and voltage and self-trains the X tube.
Rated power5KW
Tube voltage10~60kV1kV /Step
Tube current2~80mA,1mA /Step
High-pressure cableDielectric voltage: 100V, length: 2m。


StructureTD-2500(Horizontal)TD-3000(Vertical)TD-3500(Keep sample still)Vertical sample,θ-2θHorizontal sample,θ-2θHorizontal sample,θSd
Scanning radius185mmThe system of angle measurement takes the imported high-accuracybearing transmission, upgrading the accuracy of the measurement to samples and extending the life of the instrument. The instrument also takes two types of optical system: the focusing one and the parallel one, both with the function of dynamic adjustment.The instrument takes the θ/2θ driving or θ-2θ working together, with continuous or step-in scanning.
Range of scanning (2θ)-35~170°,
Speed of scanning0.006~120°/min
Repeating accuracy (2θ)≤0.0005°
Min step-in angle0.0001°
FilterNi(for Cu target)
Turning speed1500°/min
Slit systemAuto adjustable slit system

Recording Control Unit

counterPC/SC(proportional/ Scintillation)Recording control system, based on the technology of Panalytical diffractometer from Netherlands, applies the human–computer interface with touch screen and the advanced PLC controlling technology. The circuit of the system using the concept of modeling design greatly improves system’s resistance to noisy signals, so the system achieves better stability.
Linear range of counter≥10,000,000cps
Max background noisy≤1cps
High-pressure of the counter0~2100V adjustable
Way of countingIn differential way and in integral way
Stability in high voltage of detectorBetter than±0.005%
Resolution of spectroscopysc:≤50% pc:≤20%

Recycled Refrigeration


structureSplit-type or all-in-oneThe recycled refrigeration system automatically controls the water temperature and displays the temperature of the X tube, with dynamically choosing the variety of temperature. As the instrument has its own recycled refrigeration system and stainless steel pumps, so there is no need for external cooling system and it reduces the noise and avoids watermarks, which always block the X-ray tube.
Operating temperature0-50°C
Operating voltage220V
PrecautionDetecting flow pressureDetecting refrigerant pressureProtection of over-high/under-low temperature


HostDual core CPU/RAM2G/HD500GBrand PC




Warning settingsWarnings for: over-high KV、mA, under-low KV、mA, run out of water, high-temperature of x tube, over current of whole equipment, power warning for x tube etc.5 scales of power protection:0.8、1.2、1.8、2.2、2.7
Security settingsDouble protected system/ shutter window and lead door working together/shutter window will be closed automatically while lead door opens
Leakage of x-rayInspection based on <GBZ115-2002 Hygiene Protection Standards of x-ray Diffraction and Fluorescence Analyzer >.Radiation Safety Permit No.: 辽环辐证[00150]Rays measurement outside the shield:≤0.1μSv/hApplying the high-density and high-transparent lead glass for the protection.


Controlling software1.Chinese interface on Windows platform with functions of controlling the voltage and current in x-ray generator and aging training of the shutter and x tube2. Automatically controlling the diffractometer to scan the sample in steps way or in continuous way while sampling; automatically making the goniometer step forward/backward and adjusting the goniometer to 2θ
Application1. Smooth, fit/remove background, peel off Kα22. Searching peaks (marking peaks: value of D, 2θstrength, width of half-height, value of 2θand displaying all parameters )3. Change stepsize of sampling, removing noisy peaks; adjusting value of d and positions of peaks4. Calculat integral area, integral width, width of half-height, comparison of patterns, integration of patterns.5. Add text in patterns; two cursors: small cursor and big cursor.6. Variety of zooming, variety of coordinates: linear, logarithm, square root

7. Put pictures in clipboard or paste into word/excel

8. Program for recognizing peaks, calculation of crystallinity, refining the parameters of crystal cell, standardization; quantitative analysis of clay

Details in :“Data Processing” in “TD Seriess of X-ray Diffractometer”

Curved Graphite Crystal Monochromator


Reflectionη≧30%Applying this optional to the instrument will upgrade the comparison of different peaks and greatly recognize the weak peaks and reduce the diffraction angle of the diffractometer.
Gradient of crystal surface±2 °
Mosaic degrees≦0.55
Target materialCu

China-made X-ray Tube

TargetOne Cu target


  1. Differental Scanning Calorimeters (DSC)


Code: DSC-100L

Product introduction:
DSC is designed to determine the inner heat transition relating to temperature and heat flow, it is widely used in the field of polymer development, performance testing & quality control. DSC research and development includes the following field: glass transition temperature, melting point, cold crystallization, crystallization, phase transition, oxidation induction time (OIT).

Main Features:
1. New designed oven structure ensures high resolution and good stability of base line;
2. Air flow meter may control the air flow rate accurately; the test data can be recorded into the database directly;
3. The instrument is bilateral control, may be controlled by both main frame and software. User-friendly interface, easy operation.
Technical parameters:
1.   DSC range: 0~±500mW
2.   Temperature range: -100℃ ~ 800 ℃
3.   Heating rate: 1 ~ 80 ℃ / min
4.   Temperature resolution: 0.1 ℃
5.   Temperature fluctuations: ±0.1℃
6.   Temperature repeatability: ±0.1℃
7.   DSC noise: 0.01μW
8.   DSC resolution: 0.01μW
9.   DSC accuracy: 0.1 u W
10. DSC sensitivity: 0.1 u W
11. Control Mode: Rising temperature, constant temperature(full automatic programmed control)
12. Curve scanning: Rising scan, *cooling scan
13. Atmosphere control: Embedded digital flow meter & Software control
14. Color: 24 bit      7 inches LCD touch screen display

15. Data interface: standard USB connector
16. Parameter standard: equipped with standard material, with a key calibration function, the user may correct temperature and heat enthalpy
17. Note: * for selecting projects, all technical indicators can be adjusted according to customers’ demand


  1. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance

Code: MS400

MS400 Basic parameters

Microwave frequencies


Microwave Power

10 μW – 100 mW


109 spins /0.1mT

Magnetic field modulation


Center field


Center field

50-600 mT

Field scanning

0 – 550mT


1.5μT/min, 1.5μT/h,


Samples region±5 μT

Scan time

12 s-34min





1.MiniScope MS400 include


Order No. : A 10 10 009 -Spectrometer (parameters see technical data in the brochure)

 - Ultra fast AFC

 - Irradiation window

 - Jack for high frequency counter

 - Control software

 - Analysis software (data calculation)

 - Multiplot software (data presentation)

 - Standard sample holder (diameter 3-6 mm)

 - Guidance tube F 120/1.5 for capillaries

 - 250 Pieces 50 μl capillaries

- Sealing kit for capillaries

No: A 10 10 012

2. Increase of microwave power range 10μW – 100mW


No: A 10 10 017

3.Extended magnetic field range 50 – 600mT through


water cooling

_ incl. compact refrigerated circulator (closed system)

_scan range 0 – 550 mT9

 No: A 50 00 006

4.Sample tube P-135/5


No:  A 50 00 001

Disposable glass capillaries 50μl, 250 pieces


Volume 50 μl with ring, accuracy <+/-0.25 %, precision <0.5 %

(capillaries with smaller volumes are available upon request)

Packaging, shipment, installation and introduction into


operating the spectrometer and software

2.Optional accessories:

A 30 10 001

Temperature Controller TC H03


Temperature range: 103K – 473K

PC controlled (control / registration software included)

Optional: Software for automatic data acquisition for temperature measurements.

4. Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) instrument

Code: BT-90

1.Particle size range: 1nm-9500nm (sample dependent)

2.Concentration range: 0.1mg/ml-100mg/ml (on sample)

3.Sample cell volume: 8ml

4.Sample cell Temperature range: 15 ℃ – 45 ℃

5.Laser source: 35mW, 635 nm solid fiber lasers.

6.Scattering angle: 90 °

7.Detector: PMT (photomultiplier tube)

8.Correlator: 200 physical channels, 1 – 5us dynamic sampling time and delay time.

9.Computer Interface: USB 2.0

10.System Software: Compatible with Windows XP, Windows7

11.Size and weight: 45 x 305 x 210mm, 15kg.

12.Environmental conditions: 10 ° C – 75 ° C, humidity 0% – 95%, non-condensing


Nano metal powders, nano metal oxide, nano-ceramic material, protein, polymer latexes, pharmaceutical preparation, water / oil emulsions, paints, coatings, paints, inks, toners, cosmetics and other studies, preparation of all nanomaterials nanomaterials and application fields.

BT-90 Zetasizer Nano advantages and characteristics

Accuracy and repeatability : Through the nano particle size standard sample test results show that the accuracy and repeatability error of the system is far less than the allowable error range of standard samples . Accuracy and repeatability errors are typically less than 1% . Other indicators are in line with the international standard ISO-13321.

Test speed 1-3 minutes to complete a reliable measurement results .

With precise temperature control system : temperature accuracy of 0.5 ° C, to ensure that test results are accurate and reliable.

Precision photomultiplier tube (PMT): imported photomultiplier tubes , small dark base, high sensitivity , fast, stable performance , can be precise identification of each photon .

High performance photon correlator : Using LSI (DSP) developed photon correlator , multi- channel , high speed, can effectively identify photon signal generated by a variety of particle size .

Powerful software systems : software system user-friendly, easy to operate , animation. Simultaneously with multi- language capabilities , can be easily converted as many as 17 languages ; result sheets can easily be converted into Excel, word , or graphic format  , English total 12 kinds of formats, you can choose at any time



  1. Flame Photometer

Product Description: The product is in accordance with the basic principle of the emission spectrum of the design and manufacture of analytical instruments, widely used in agricultural fertilizers, soil analysis, research analysis of cement, silicate analysis and determination of clinical laboratory industry and other aspects of.

Product Features:

● K, Na can simultaneously test, also test the element lithium.

● LCD display, digital direct reading.

● have the flame size preselection and automatic flameout protection device.

● easy operation, fast analysis, the sample is low.

● selection for liquefied gas.


The main technical indicators:

● Stability:

Continuous injection with a standard solution, the relative maximum variation 15s the instrument indicated value ≤ 3%

Measured 1 per minute, a total determination of the relative change in the amount of six times the maximum value of the instrument shown ≤15%

● Repeatability:

Repeat the same standard solution for 7 consecutive individual measurements ≤ 3%

● Linear error:

K: ≤0.005mmol / L (0.0100 ~ 0.0800) mmol / L

Na: ≤0.03mmol / L (0.0500 ~ 0.400) mmol / L

● LOD:

K: detection limit ≤0.004mmol / L; Na: detection limit ≤0.008mmol / L

● Response time: Response time <8S

● aspirated sample volume: aspirated sample volume <6mL / min



● Complete Set: host; a compressed air compressor; annex allocations set

● normal working conditions:

Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃

Relative humidity: ≤85%

Products should be placed on vibration-free table, to avoid direct exposure to bright light, no strong electromagnetic interference around, without a strong airstream, vibration-free use.

Product use of the site should not have flammable, corrosive gas and equipped with fire-fighting equipment.

Power supply voltage: 220 ± 22V, frequency: 50HZ ± 1 HZ, and has a good grounding

Power rating: 250W


6. Visible spectrophotometer

Code: 7230G

Main features:

● the use of advanced optical, mechanical, electrical design, with superior performance and cost-effective.

● The proportion of dual-beam optical design, and is equipped with high performance: low blazed holographic grating monochromator resolution stray light with superior optical precision and measurement accuracy, reproducibility and stability.

● has a unique auto-zero, auto full-scale, eight samples linkage.

● with T, A and GOTOλ, linear regression, the concentration of direct reading, kinetic time scanning.

● The thermal printer, data can be printed, painted a given wavelength time scanning, linear regression curve.

● with USB interface, can be directly interactive with the PC, and strengthen the instrument test data, scanned maps and other processing functions, to achieve mass storage test files.

● Advanced power protection measures, can remember the measured data, the regression equation and the instrument correction value, etc., and to achieve a fast initialization boot into the test state.

The main technical indicators:


● Wavelength range: 330nm ~ 900nm


● wavelength maximum permissible error: ± 1nm \


● Wavelength repeatability: ≤0.5nm


● Spectral Bandwidth: 6nm

● transmittance than the maximum permissible error: ± 0.8% (τ) (in NBS930D test)

● Transmittance Repeatability: ≤ 0.2% (τ)

● transmittance range: 0.0% (τ) ~ 200.0% (τ)

● Absorbance Range: -0.301 (A) ~ 3.999 (A)

● concentration range: 0.000 ~ 9999 (C)

● Noise: dark current drift: ≤0.2% (τ) light current drift: ≤0.5%

● Stray light: ≤ 0.6% (τ) (at 360nm Department to NaNO2 measurement)



● Power supply: 220V ± 22V / 50Hz ± 1Hz


  1. HPLC

Code: LC200


● Using computer dual complementary high-pressure infusion pump head with self-checking system, pump made of stainless steel or polymer materials.

● UV / VIS detector grating spectroscopic system, a special micro flow cell, variable wavelength analysis can be set. Using a five-inch color LCD display as a terminal device, real-time observation of the test results and spectra as a wide range of operating data and parameters transferred to the window.

● instrument selection injector international universal standard six-way valve, connecting pipe made of stainless steel or PEEK pipe conduit; separation column C18 column using domestic standards. The instrument has column thermostat, in-oven can also install two 70mm ~ 250mm long column tube. Analysis system uses a catheter and sealing washer, nut connectors are identical with the internationally accepted standard, can be shared with imported equipment accessories.

● signal output of the instrument, the configuration of the data processor interface (1AU / V) and Recorder Interface (10mv / FS) and equipped with RS232 output interface enables two-way communication and control and chromatography workstation.



● Column thermostat:

Temperature range: room temperature on 10 ℃ ~ 89 ℃ (increment 1 ℃)

Temperature stability error: not more than 0.5 ℃

● high-pressure infusion pump:

Flow setting range: 0.1ml / min ~ 8ml / min

Flow stability error: not more than 2%

Flow setpoint error: not more than 5%

The maximum output pressure: metal system: 40MPa; non-metallic system: 25MPa

● UV / VIS Detector:

Wavelength range: 190nm ~ 700nm

Wavelength accuracy: ± 2nm

Absorbance relative error: ± 10%

Baseline noise: ≤1×10-4AU(dynamic, 254nm)

Baseline drift: ≤1×10-3AU/h (dynamic, 254nm)



8. Gas Chromatograph

Code: GC112A

(Dedicated to the eight-component gas analysis of transformer oil)

Key Features:

Eight-component gas analysis of transformer oil chromatography is GC112A Universal GC on the basis of newly designed, developed by the second special multidimensional gas chromatograph. The instrument in accordance with the relevant national standards promulgated new, dedicated dissolved gases in the transformer oil: H2, O2, CO, CO2, CH4, C2H6, C2H4, C2H2 analysis.

This type of chromatography is stable and reliable, the flow path is novel, simple structure, beautiful appearance, complete, professional and other advantages. At the same time, the company provides on-site installation and commissioning, personnel training, technical guidance and special columns, spare parts supply service, from the user’s worries. The product is the power industry, transformer manufacturers and related fields ideal dedicated gas chromatograph.


Main features:

● Implementation of the standards: GB7252-2001 “transformer oil dissolved gas analysis and judgment guidelines”, JB / T6244-1992 “laboratory gas chromatography”, JJG700-1990 “GC.”

● The new channel, resolution, and can be flexibly adjusted hydrocarbon components and carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide separation.

● No secondary distribution systems, accurate, high sensitivity.

● also choose degassed sample playback-oscillation.

● Microcomputer control, temperature control and high accuracy (better than ± 0.1 ℃)

● dedicated workstation, enabling dual-channel signal automatically.


The main technical indicators:

● Temperature area: column box, TCD, FID, reformer

● Temperature range: room temperature on 7 ℃ ~ 399 ℃ (increment 0.1 ℃)

● Temperature accuracy: better than ± 0.1 ℃ (200 ℃ measured)

● The limit of detection:H2≥2μL/L;CO≥5μL/L;CO2≥5μL/L;O2≥10μL/L;CH4;C2H4;O2H4


  1. Fluorescence spectrophotometer

Code: 960MC

Product Description: 960MC / 960CRT fluorescence spectrophotometer is a new generation of intelligent instrument can be widely used in the field of scientific research, chemical, biochemical, environmental and clinical testing, food testing, teaching experiments.

Common characteristics:

● emission monochromator using 1200L / mm concave grating, large aperture aspheric mirrors, particularly high sensitivity.

● The 150W power mercury lamp, excitation energy is strong.

● The source monitoring technology, the measurement has stabilized.

● High performance photomultiplier tubes, get the best signal to noise ratio.

● has a self-diagnostic function, reliable work.

● EM bandwidth of less than 10nm.

960CRT Type Features:

● Configuring Windows95 computer workstations, equipment failure rate and reliability.

● workstations Chinese dialogue windows for easy operation.

● Use the mouse can be scanned comfortably determination; quantitative analysis; arithmetic; tabulation and recording and other operations.

● can easily choose the online or offline mode.


The main technical indicators:

960MC / 960CRT type:

● EX wavelength selection range: 365nm (interference filter)

● EM wavelength range: 200nm ~ 800nm

● Wavelength indication error: EM ± 2nm

● Wavelength reproducibility: EM ± 1nm

● SNR: distilled water Raman peak S / N≥ than 50, the response time 2S

● measurement mode:.. A time to scan wavelength scanning b c quantitative analysis.

960CRT type (with computers)

● spectral processing functions:

Continuous scan measurement; 1-4 first derivative spectrum; calculating peak area; crest retrieval; spectrum operation; map window treatment; Atlas save and recall; map printout.

● quantitative determination of:

Quantitative analysis of the samples; time scanning, the standard curve (1-3 times); concentration direct reading; automatic determination of S / N ratio and stability; automatic background subtraction; quantitative analysis printout.



● light source: 150W Xenon lamp

● interference filter (mercury light source): 254nm, 313nm, 405nm, 436nm, 546nm

● interference filter (xenon light source): 250nm ~ 700nm between optional


  1. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Code: 4530F


● Wavelength range: 190nm ~ 900nm

● spectral bandwidth: 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.0nm, 2.0nm automatically switch

● Wavelength indication error: ± 0.15nm

● Wavelength repeatability: ≤0.04nm

● baseline stability: 0.002A / 30min

● characteristic concentration: (Cu) 0.02μg / ml / 1%

● detection limit: (Cu) 0.004μg / ml

● Repeatability: ≤0.5%

● Burner: Full titanium burner

● sprayer: efficient glass atomizer

● Integration suspension optical platform design, so that the light path system seismic capacity significantly improved, even if long-term use can still maintain a stable optical signal

● grating lines: 1800 / mm

● eight lighthouse automatic switching, while preheating eight element lights automatically switch, automatic ignition, automatic optimization of the hollow cathode lamp working conditions

● Position adjustment: best flame burner height and fore-aft position is automatically set

● Automatic wavelength scanning and peak searching

● improve safety interlock devices: continuous burner head system is not correct, the gas leak, air-voltage, abnormal flameout with alarm and automatic security features

● deuterium lamp, self-absorption background correction

● Data processing: super database, with up to 500 over data from storage and power storage function, the analysis results are stored as EXCEL spreadsheet, test methods and results can be called at any time, with a soil testing and fertilizer dedicated software, The communication module of the soil testing standard (FERTREC) communication requirements

● Measuring method: flame atomic absorption, flame emission method

● Print: print parameters, data result printing, graphic printing


Instrument configuration:

● atomic absorption spectrophotometer Taiwan

● No noise and air compressor station

● workstations: Computer Configuration (P43.16,512M memory, 80G hard drive, DVD, 17-inch flat screen monitors), HP inkjet printer, Chinese instrument operating software (specifically configured to prevail in kind), annex set (including acetylene reduction pressure relief valve, a brass lamps, air filters, etc.)


Graphite furnace system:

● maximum temperature of 3000 ℃

● maximum heating speed: ≥2000 ℃ / S

● feature quantity: Cd≤0.5 × 10-12g Cu≤0.5 × 10-11g

● precision: Cu≤3% Cd≤3%

● Size and weight: 550mm × 450mm × 300mm 65㎏

● overcurrent protection

● Low air pressure alarm protection / protection

● low cooling water flow alarm / protection

● Power: 220V AC

● Power: 7000W


Complete automation and control systems

● With the software you can easily workstation

● element lamp selection

● before lifting platform / down adjustment

● light energy regulator

● slit selection

● find the seam, the gain is determined

● atomizer selected

● background subtraction mode setting

● control the gas flow rate

● automatic ignition / extinction

● Set the graphite furnace method

● Signal processing


Advanced graphite furnace temperature control technology:

● introduction of PID technology effectively overcome the impact of voltage fluctuations and changes in the resistance value of the graphite tube heating process, making the process more accurate temperature control. Combined with the fast sampling techniques, sample rate 3ms / times ensure high-speed signal accurate measurement results, the test data is more accurate and reliable

● rapid heating capability allows many elements to further improve sensitivity

● Use common 220V power supply, no 380V power supply

● The maximum temperature setting 20-step program, so that different samples testing more convenient and easy

● 3-speed adjustable gas flow within applicable applications requiring more

● stop the air, water or gas, lack of water will be a timely warning to avoid equipment damage and measuring error



Safe, reliable and convenient flame system

● digital set acetylene flow control is more accurate, more convenient

● efficient atomizer system makes higher sensitivity

● specially coated combustion spray chamber effectively remove the memory effect. Conversion convenient air / acetylene and nitrous oxide / acetylene between, such that nitrous oxide / acetylene measurement more convenient and safe

● safe operation of the entire system, regardless of a power failure, abnormal flame, the combustion head pressure is low or does not match, the flame safety system will alarm and automatically shut off the gas, to prevent tempering, ensuring that operators and equipment from injury and damage


Versatile workstation software

● WINDOWS XP / 2000 / NT Workstation Support Software

● full Chinese interface display particularly easy to grasp

● extensive menu content greatly facilitate the customer’s application

● convenient conversion between menus make operations easier

● A variety of analysis correction methods available to users greater choice

● basic default parameter settings allow beginners to normal operation

● flexible storage, editing, and printing mode to the user maximum support

● user-friendly and practical online help solve problems in a timely manner


  1. UV-VIS Spectrophotometry

Code: UV751GD


For physics, chemistry, biology and other scientific disciplines, for the chemical industry, food industry, metallurgy industry, oil industry, environmental protection and other departments for precise qualitative and quantitative analysis of various substances measured in the ultraviolet region, the visible and near infrared absorption spectrum of qualitative and quantitative analysis of various substances.


● Auto-zero, auto full-scale, linear regression, the concentration of direct reading.

● lamp power supply and host integration.

● ultraviolet wavelengths up to 195nm.

● Dynamic test timed print data.

● slit continuously adjustable.

The main technical indicators:

● Wavelength range: 195nm ~ 1000nm

● wavelength scale interval: 195nm ~ 250nm 1 grid 0.2nm;

250nm ~ 350nm 1 grid 0.5nm;

350nm ~ 450nm 1 grid 1.0nm;

450nm ~ 600nm 1 grid 2.0nm;

600nm ~ 1000nm 1 grid 5.0nm

● wavelength maximum permissible error: A segment (195nm ~ 340nm) ± 1.0 nm;

Section B (340nm ~ 900nm) ± 4.0 nm;

C segment (900nm ~ 1000nm) ± 4.0 nm

● Wavelength repeatability: A segment (195nm ~ 340nm) ≤0.5;

Section B (340nm ~ 900nm) ≤2.0;

C segment (900nm ~ 1000nm) ≤2.0;

● transmittance range: 0.0% (T) ~ 110.0% (T)

● absorbance range: -0.041 (A) ~ 2.000 (A)

● concentration measurement range: 0 ~ 9999 (C)

● Timing print time: 3 s ~ 255s dividing the value of 1s

● Print: 1 to 99 times

● slit width: 0 ~ 2mm


● Environmental conditions: Temperature: 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ humidity: ≤85%

● Power supply: AC220V ± 22V Frequency: 50H z ± 1H z