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Model: MTS5200

Technician Efficiency Pro Package delivers comprehensive mechanical tests, including vacuum, pressure and ignition kV. Included:

  • Kit: MTS5200 DVOM/DSO, Bosch Part number: F-00K-108-032

  • Kit: Universal COP Ignition Flex Probe Part number: F-00K-104-944

  • Kit: Universal COP Ignition Loop Probe Part number: F-00K-104-954

  • Probe: Trigger (RPM) Part number: 06501405

  • Cable: RPM Probe, FSA 450 Part number: 02003311

  • Kit: High / Low Current Probe Kit Part number: 01002882

  • Sensor Kit: Vacuum Transducer Part number: 01002575

  • Probe: Secondary Ignition Part number: 02003237

Retrieving fault codes with a scan tool and replacing the related part is easy, but what happens when the replacement part does not fix the vehicle? Fixing the car right the first time is critical for customer confidence and shop efficiency, so the best approach is to verify the fault prior to part replacement. The Bosch MTS 5200 Engine Analyzer is designed to quickly and accurately diagnose engine management systems.

The MTS 5200 is easy to use and capable of evolving with the technician’s skill level. Entry level technicians will be able to begin testing common components with very little training, and advanced driveability technicians will be able to tackle the most complex engine management issues with ease.

The MTS 5200 is the one tool that puts the power of the “big box” analyzers in your hands and combines four powerful diagnostic tools in one package: Graphing Multimeter, DVOM, 4-Channel Oscilloscope and Ignition/Engine Analyzer. Newly configured Technician Efficiency Packages allow you to quickly pick the right combination of hardware, preloaded software and accessories for your shop.

Three Pre-packaged Solutions

Technician Efficiency Packages simplify MTS 5200 set up and use:

  • Ignition, vacuum and engine analysis software comes pre-loaded

  • Single part number ordering includes most popular accessories

  • Choice of three packages provides unique solution sets

  • Save money compared to purchase of individual components