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Titanian Alloy


1. Light weight

Titanium alloy density is generally 4.51g / cubic centimeter, only 60% of steel, titanium alloy frame in general 1.4-1.5Kg. Light weight can increase the speed and reduce physical exertion during long distance movement.


2. High strength

Titanium alloy is 43% higher than the hardness of stainless steel, 2 times the hardness of aluminum, Van Nicholas 3Al-2.5V titanium alloy tensile strength 620Mpa, high strength frame is conducive to the driving force conversion and improve maneuverability.


3. Strong elasticity, riding a good feeling

Titanium frame flexible, better than steel 30%, shock absorption is excellent, so ride comfortable, riding a good, suitable for long riding

4. Corrosion-resistant, free coating

Titanium in the general environment is almost no corrosion, almost free from water, salt water, sea water, ultraviolet, infrared, petrochemical corrosion. In addition, the natural color of titanium is very beautiful, low-key luxury, no painting, not rust, so do not afraid to touch after the paint will be lost.

5. Long service life

Titanium alloy recycling will not cause structural damage, can resist the infinite bending without damage, 5 times higher than the aluminum frame, the basic can be considered semi-permanent frame. (Domestic Beijing wheel, Tianjin light titanium are committed to lifetime warranty)

6. Touch feel good

Titanium metal feel smooth and smooth, no other metal’s cold feeling

7. High temperature resistance of the new titanium alloy can be used at 600 ℃ long-term use, melting point of 1672 , is a refractory metal. And in the -100 ℃ environment, the titanium alloy is still very high toughness and not brittle.

8. Non-magnetic, non-toxic, excellent affinity with the human body Titanium is a non-magnetic metal, in the big magnetic field still not be magnetized



Under normal circumstances, compared with other materials such as aluminum alloy frame in the price to be expensive. It turns out that the main limitation of titanium and titanium alloys is poor chemical reactivity with other materials at high temperatures, which forces titanium alloys to be more complex than conventional conventional refining, melting, casting and welding techniques, making the price of titanium alloys expensive The In fact, the price of the bike is not the most important, the most important thing is: cost-effective.