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Aluminum Alloy


The weight of aluminum is light but not hard enough to make it into an alloy and heat treatment in order to enhance the strength. [Heat treatment technology] The use of aging precipitation enhanced method, simply, in the metal to form a metal deformation of the material. In a high temperature for heat treatment, will cause aging precipitation, if not through the program of the bicycle frame, will cause room temperature aging. That is to put the bicycle frame in the room will gradually become stronger.



Aluminum is a material with low elasticity and low rigidity. So the use of thicker pipes, or change the shape such as cross-over tube, padded tube and so on. In addition to the need for heat treatment

Also must use heat treatment, otherwise the intensity is not enough. So the smaller factories are not able to buy heat treatment equipment. Especially the 6000 series of aluminum alloy tube, in most cases the pipeline manufacturers designated heat treatment conditions