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4.MINI-type cubic garage PJH

I. Equipment description

The equipment has the advantages that are not possessed by other equipment:

1. The structure is simple and the appearance is beautiful and magnificent; 2. The hydraulic lifting is adopted, making the running simple and the noise small; 3. It can be used individually, with convenient moving and simple foundation treatment; 4. The power consumption is less and it can be used at the 220v frequently-used home power supply; 5. The requirement for installation site and space is low and it is suitable for the family, residence community and other places, and therefore, the non-standard design can be adopted according to the site requirement.

II. Detailed description of system

The MINI-type solid parking equipment is the only solid parking equipment product that can meet the requirement for building a double-layer parking lot under the condition of low storey height. The product is of the reasonable structure, easy layout and reliable performance and adopts the hydraulic driving system for a stable and quite operation.