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H02 Vehicle Section Training Model W/O Body

Equipment Model

Application Auto Model

Chassis technology parameter


Toyota crown 3.0L

(used car)

Inline 6-cylinder, displacement 3.0L, 24 –valve DOHC, open-loop control, rear wheel drive, five-speed manual transmission


i. About The Product

The dissection car fully lays out inner and outer structure of auto system with full parts and reasonable section which include engine transmission and steering based on original finished car which can express clearly movement of inner configuration parts. the device applies to theoretical teaching and maintenance training requirements.

ii. Features

Original finished car (with engine, chassis and car electrical ) ,three-phase asynchronous motor, drive belt, reducer, safety shield, etc.

iii. Function

1. Dissecting the engine, transmission and steering and other main parts to lays out the inner and outer structure of the auto systems.

2. Polishing the section with high precision paint the edge with different colors.

3. The reduce is running by the three-phase asynchronous motor to drive the crankshaft of the engine run slowly, demonstrating the working process of power transmission.

4. The drive parts was protected with safety shield.