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Euro III, Euro IV, EuroV injectors and high-pressure pump Test Benches

Euro III, Euro IV, EuroV injectors and high-pressure pump Test Benches

CRI-300C adopts full-automatic control, and can perform maintenance test of Euro Ⅲ, EuroⅣ, EuroⅤinjector and high-pressure pump conveniently. It can test hundreds of kinds of injector and high-pressure pump including BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO, Caterpillar etc. With complete experimental data. This test bench, integrated with original imported high-precision flow sensor, has functions: automatic measurement of oil quantity and automatic generation of fuel pump nozzle maintenance report etc..
Product can add EUP/EUI test module.

Product Characteristics

1)Full Automatic Control

After installing the to-be-test pump or injector, click ” Start” , the bench will automatically adjust each test condition and test such as measuring fuel, generating test reports, judging the qualification, etc.

2 )Automatic Calibration

When testing a new injector, the bench can automatically adjust the parameters of each working condition, collect and save the data, and generate standard data for repairing it, according to electrical characteristics of the new injector.

3) Intelligent Diagnosis

Via adopted intelligent troubleshooting mechanism, the bench can self-test harness connections, DRV blockage, working conditions, etc and prompts users.

4)Multiple Protection

Overheating, overvoltage, and overload protection; tank oil shortage tips; too high rail pressure protection; automatic shutdown as soon as operating room cover is set off; six filters protection; etc.

Technical Parameters:

Working Voltage

AC380V / 220V

Output Power

11~15 KW

Rail Pressure Range

0~2000 Bar

Rail Pressure Control Accuracy

±0.5 MPa

Fuel Pump Rotation Speed

0 ~ 4000 RPM

Diesel Filter Accuracy

< 5 U

Injector Sensor Range

0.1 mL – 600 mL

Injector Sensor Accuracy


Pump Sensor Range

10 mL – 3000 mL

Pump Sensor Accuracy

0.5 %


2150* 1000* 1450 ( cm )

Net Weight

750 KGS

CRS815  high pressure common rail electric control pump injector integrated machine test bench

CRS815 high-pressure common rail integrated test bench The appearance of the device is beautiful and comprehensive. The display control part can be rotated by itself. It is based on the mature EFI high-pressure common rail oil pump injector technology and the EFI unit pump medium pressure common rail (HEUI). ) Test standard technology for oil pump injector testing, to achieve various electronically controlled high pressure common rail oil pump injectors and electronic control unit pump nozzle EUI EUP and HEUI actuator pump C7 C9 and other medium pressure common rail injectors Cummins System testing of pump injectors such as Caterpillar 320D.

CRS815 high pressure common rail integrated test bench equipment comes with standard test data of various EFI fuel injectors (more than 2000 kinds), system test bench simulation ECU outputs fuel injection control signals, drives common rail high pressure common rail oil pump and high pressure The rail injector and the electronically controlled unit pump EUI HEUI work together to test the high pressure common rail oil pump and the common rail injector and the single pump nozzle. Can also detect piezoelectric high pressure common rail injector.

Can test BOSCH CP1, CP1-H, CPI-K, CP2, CP3, DELPHI, HPO, HP3 BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO and other high pressure common rail fuel injection pumps and EUI EUP series of electronic control unit pump nozzles and HEUI Common rail oil pump injectors, such as C7C9.

The common rail system can test BOSCH, (Bosch), DELPHI, (Delphi), SIEMENS (Siemens), DENSO (Electrical) and piezoelectric crystal Euro IV, V standard high pressure common rail injectors.


01, 19″ LCD monitor, industrial computer motherboard, all computer control (can be installed with touch screen)

02, multi-section voltage output automatic control to meet the driving requirements of different common rail injectors

03, LCD liquid crystal display high pressure common rail injector injection frequency, drive pulse width automatic control

04. Automatically control the flow regulating valve of the fuel injection pump to be tested, and control the flow rate of the fuel injection pump to be tested.

05, automatic realization of oil rail pressure, high precision up to ± 1MPa

06, open loop or closed loop control mode manually selectable

07. The oil measuring system adopts high standard flow sensor measurement and is displayed by the screen. It can query, store and modify the required test high pressure common rail oil pump injector data. It can upgrade the equipment data for life and provide maintenance suggestions for users.

08. The equipment is equipped with a DRV valve to detect the flow and pressure of the high pressure common rail oil pump. The oil supply part of the common rail oil pump has a fuel supply pump to ensure a more stable supply of the common rail oil pump.

09. The test bench is equipped with air conditioning forced cooling function, which detects the fuel quantity of the injector more accurately, and the power of the equipment is 15KW.

10 Equipment shape protection observation door is: sliding door Beautiful and easy to operate.

11 The device has a filter plugging pressure gauge.

12 Detection of electronic control unit pump Pump nozzle HEUI medium pressure common rail oil pump spray detector injection amount Opening angle Servo current and other parameters.

Basic parameters and characteristics:

1: Standard test procedures and working conditions can be provided, injector test can be carried out, and test data of each working condition can be displayed in real time:

2: The user can set the working condition by himself, perform the injector test, and also drive the DRV valve.

3: All channels are short-circuit protected and will not damage the injector to be tested.

4: The test pressure is stable and the control precision is high.

5: Injector is quick and easy to install and easy to operate.

6: The device uses high-precision sensors and adds a measuring cup test function.

7: IQA code generation. Can test the piezoelectric reform injector, can test the electronically controlled high pressure common rail injector high pressure common rail oil pump EUI\EUP single pump pump nozzle, Carter motivates C7 C9 C-9HEUI Cummins injector, Carter 320D common rail Pump

8: Test software data is easy to update. With jet drive and system voltage monitor.

9: supply voltage; 380V (three phase)

10: main motor speed range; 0–3000rpm/min, control loop voltage; DC12V/24V 350W EUC internal boost; 0–200V DC.

11: drive common rail pump; BOSCH CP3.3, current; 25A, maximum common rail pressure 180–230MPa

12: main motor power; 11KW, flow meter: 4-550ml/min

13: size; (length, width, height) 2250*1500*2100mm weight: 1100KG

14: High-pressure filter plugging reminder function, dual-channel DRV configuration, oil tank and diesel tank integrated air conditioning strong cooling system.

15: diesel pump motor power, flow; 1.1KW/10LMIN

16: oil pump motor power, flow; 0.19KW/10LMIN

17: engine oil tank: 36L diesel fuel tank: 15L oil flow meter; 4-550ml/min oil pump oil flow meter; 1-1400L/H

18: ECU internal boost: 0–200V DC

19: With oil supply motor and oil supply pump, diesel oil double-channel independent oil supply system.

20: Common rail with high pressure filter to prevent clogging of DRV valve


 01. Measure the maximum oil quantity of the high pressure common rail injector

 02. Measuring the starting oil quantity of the high pressure common rail injector

 03. Measuring the oil return of the high pressure common rail injector

 04, test track pressure

 05, test the injection pressure of the common rail injector

 06, test the spray cone angle of the common rail injector

 07. Test the spray uniformity of the common rail injector

 08. Test the sealing performance of common rail oil pump and injector

 09. Test the oil supply pressure of the high pressure common rail oil pump

 10. Test the oil return of the common rail oil pump

 11. test the oil pump speed

 12. fuel temperature preset

 13. Detecting the internal pressure of the common rail pump

 14. Detecting the proportional solenoid valve of the common rail pump

 15. test EUI, EUP electronic control unit pump, pump nozzle performance

16. highest test pressure 230MPa

17. Test HEUI Actuated Pump and Carter Medium Pressure Common Rail Injector with Oil Drive Opening Pressure.