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CRIS-1 common rail injector test bench

CRIS-1 high pressure common rail injector test bench is based on the diesel engine ECU, also provides control signal of common rail system of Bosch, Denso, Delphi and Siemens etc. (the CP1 /CP2 /CP3/ HP3 /HP4 / DELPHI), drive the high pressure common rail injector to work. The user can set parameters according to their actual situation, and save the data according to the different group, so that the servicemen do the correct judgment and maintain of the working of common rail system.


Characteristics and Funcitons

1. support various rail pressure sensor,

2. Protection function of short-circuit.

3. the motor soft start, frequency-changing and speed-regulation

4. provide special fixture of testing injector,

5. Pulse and frequency of the injector drive signal can be adjusted.

6. Test the oil quantity of common rail injector

7. Test the backflow oil quantity of common rail injector

8. Test the open pressure and atomization of injector,

9. Test the cranking iol quantity of common rail injector.

10. Test the sealing of injector.

11. Ultrasonic cleaning of the common rail injector,

12. Various language available, such as Chinese, English.

13. Provide safety protection design, use more safety.


Main Technical Data:

Rotating speed range of main shaft (rpm)0~3000
Rotation direction of main shaftPositive, negative
Testable cylinders of injection pump1
Maximum output power (kw)5.5
Fuel supply pressure of common rail (Mpa)0~160
Auto overturn angle of measuring oil plate(degree)180
Time indication of pour oil (s)30
Oil measuring frequency0~1000
Capacity of fuel tank (L)20
Pulse Width set: (MS)0~-3000
Pressure control (PID)Open loop /close loop
Power of Ultrasonic cleaner(kw)0.2
Power of inverter (kw)7.5
Controlling temperature of fuel (°C)40±2
Power of main motor (kw)5.5
Weight (kg)350