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Model Output PowerSpeed (r / min) Voltage Frequency
NT30007.5Kw0-4000220V 60HZ or 380V 50HZ

11Kw0-4000220V 60HZ or 380V 50HZ

15kw0-4000220V 60HZ or 380V 50HZ

18.5Kw0-4000220V 60HZ or 380V 50HZ
Notes(22Kw, 25Kw, 30Kw, 45Kw) is also tailor-made upon request


Main functions;

1.Injection pump each cylinder fuel supply quantity and fuel supply uniformity

2.Injection pump oil supply point and interval angle of oil supply

3.Governor working performance of the inspection and adjustment

4.The allocation of the performance of the test pump to adjust the work

5.Supercharger test the performance of compensator adjustment

6.The allocation of fuel pump back to the measurement

7.The allocation of pump solenoid valve performance test (12v/24v)

8. The allocation of pump speed under the various provisions of the internal pressure measurement

9. Check Survey Auto advancer advance angle (optional)

10. Injection Pump Seal Performance Test

11. Connected to the self-absorption for the pipeline can pump (including VEpump) to conduct inspections

12. Toothed rod stroke of high-precision detection (optional)

13. Oil lubricated (optional)

14. Cast iron base (optional)

15. forced cooling (optional)