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Main Technical Parameters

1.5`in LCD Chinese/ English manual;

2.Use the original BOSCH high pressure conmmon rail pump to produce the 0-2000bar rail pressure.

3.Measure the rail pressure on real time, closed-cycle control, and protection by high pressure.

4.Driven signal puls width and rate are adjustable

5.Injecting count set freely.

6.Short circuit protection


1.suit to Bosch,Denso,Delphi,Siemens injectors;

2.Test one common rail injector.

3.Ttest the seal of injector;

4.Test the pre-injecting;

5.Test the max oil volume;

6.Test the min oil volume;

7.Test the return oil volume;

8.Observing the atomizing state and estimating if clogged;

9.Cleaning : repair the injector caused by the pollution.

Technical specification

1.Pulse width:0.1~10ms;

2.Count or continuous injection:0~1000times;

3.Fuel temperature:40±2℃;(adjustable)

4.Rail pressure:0~2000 bar;

5.Filtering accuracy of test oil:5μ;

6.Power:(single phase)220V;/50HZ