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Standard recycling refrigerant Semiautomatic machine GR-880

GR-880 is a small professional refrigerant recycling machine.It has the functions of maintenacing and repairing R134a automotive air-conditioning systems, automatic recovery, vacuum and added,as well as the refrigerant of renewable, affordable. It is the first choice for the majority of 4S shop.

The main functions:

◊ High-power compressors, auto air-conditioning in the recovery of the old refrigerant.

◊ Equipped with high efficiency filtration systems to deal with the refrigerant used to meet the requirements.

◊ High-performance vacuum pumps, so that the air-conditioning system to achieve rapid and highly efficient vacuum.

◊ Check air-conditioning systems whether are leaking.

◊ Manual discharge of waste oil frozen.

◊ Manually filling the new frozen oil.

◊ Automatically rule out the refrigerant in the air

◊ Automatic refrigerant charge.

◊ Automatic day-to-day maintenance tips content.

The main features:

◊ Set recycling, leak detection, vacuum filling in one,

◊ all-English menu display

◊ Specialized film button, ensure of longer life span.

◊ High-precision measurement of electronic charge and the recovery of refrigerants.

◊ Low-pressure sensors used to control the recovery, to protect the the compressor

◊ Low-pressure sensors used to control vacuum pumps, to protect the vacuum pump.

◊ Using high-pressure sensors to control internal pipeline to protect ensure that the compressor does not run over-due.

◊ Measurement scale used bottles to measures oil

◊ Automatically prompts warning if the can is empty or full.

◊ Automatic data storage work, free access.