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CW-DCA Car Wash Machine

Product introduction:
1、Controlled by intelligent computer with the functions of automatic inspecting, moving, spraying, washing, waxing, drying, cleaning wheel and chassis.
2、Apply for many models of automobiles such as car, microbus and jeep.
3、Water recycling device optional. With the function of environment protecting and water saving.
4、Gantry structure.

Product characters:
1、Introduce advanced technical from Italy, European type streamline design, not only good look but also with reliable safety.
2、Italy original brushes, impossible to scratch lacquer, each set could be used for 100,000 car-times.
3、Main components from world famous manufacturers, high reliability, long using life.
4、Power saving, low operation cost.
5、Dried by two sets fans, could make the car dry rapidly.

1、Gantry structure with European type streamline design.
2、Automatic water spraying and waxing system;
3、Automatic speed variable moving system;
4、Automatic washing system(wider brush);
5、Controlled by intelligent computer
6、Pneumatic transmission system;
7、Automatic dry system;
8、Car position indication system;
9、Operating system;

Technical parameters:
Outside sizes (mm): 2350 X 3760 X 3230 mm (L X W X H)
Max Car sizes (mm): 6500 X 1950 X 2200 mm (L X W X H)
Moving Speed: 6m/min
Standard length of Track (mm): 10000
Space between Tracks (mm): 3340
Total power consumption: 15KW

Working power: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phases 4 wires
Max water consumption: 150L for each car

Weight: 2000Kg