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Sliding Articulate Arm type QD-1
The introduction of the products
1. 180 ?□o tumbler can be within the framework of arbitrary
rotation, increase effective utilization of space upgrading,
high-strength aluminum alloy profiles slides, a large pipeline
enhance the flow of wind speed .
2 .external structural design, the car straight or curved track
through strong, molding, structural aesthetics generous, a little
dignity, strength, and corrosion resistance difficult deformation
3. ultra-high temperature hoses, easy bending easily extendable, the
external structure as the support of spiral, set to strengthen internal
reinforcement for protection, seismic, and other corrosion-resistant
good chemical resistance.
4. ultra-high temperature rubber suction Tsui, comes with clamping
devices, capture exhaust is not revealed.
5. ABB technology used in the production of aluminum pressure
centrifugal fan, low noise, comes with muffler systems, small
power consumption, large amount of wind (according to the actual
situation fan power configuration size)
6. a standard installation of galvanized material, and accessories
dedicated fixture, mast, fittings, flanges and mounting bracket.