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Full Automatic Intelligent Digital Tire Nitrogen Producing Inflator.

Technical Data:

Vehicle Applicable:Motorcycle, car, van

Power supply;AC110V/220V50~60Hz


Nitrogen Purity;95~99.5%

Compressed Air Input Range;‹174Psi/12Bar

Nitrogen Output;85L/min(3cfm)@145psi/10bar

Nitrogen Storage Tank;70L/18.5gal

N2 Output Pressure;‹101psi/7bar

Over Pressure Setting Range;0~14.5psi/0~1.00bar

Nitrogen Purges;0~6

Operation Temp;-20 ~+70

Set Pressure Range;5~145Psi/0.3~10Bar

nflator Accuracy;±1psi/0.07bar


Net weight;120KG

Packing size;1580(H)*760(L)*630(W)mm

Gross weight;136KG

Standard inflation mode.

Ajustable over pressure setting.

Adjustable nitrogen purges and fill cycles.

Auto shut-off.

Automatic zero drifts adjustment.

2 large backlight LCD display, shows operation mode.

Automatic completes all the settings.

Comprehensive diagnostics and error reporting.