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Flat Plate Vehicle Brake Tester(Luxury Model)

Flat Plate Vehicle Brake Tester(Luxury Model)

A. Introduction:

By means of simulating actual flat road, Flate Plate Vehicle Brake Tester tests the brake forces, axle load, sideslip and suspension of vehicles on the flate plate at a speed of 5-10 km/h. By braking, this tester is able to finish all tests of the dynamic brake forces of front/rear axles, axle (wheel) weights, suspension, sideslip at one time. Combined with different brake plates, it also can test the performance of vehicles, motorcycles and agricultural vehicles. It is especially applicable for vehicle test stations, auto maintenance workshops, vehicle technilogy training and researching departments.

B. Features:

 1.     European design ideas, thin structures

2.        Concrete base is not needed, space-saving, easy to fix and calibrate;

3.        380V power supply is not needed, cost and energy saving, investment-saving;

4.        Multiple combinations are available for different vehicles with different wheelbases;

5.         Different sockets are available for combination with other equipments and form a multi-functional test line,

       For example, it can be combined with head light tester, gas analyzer

6.      Composed of four plates, it can test the front and rear wheels at the same time, and obtain the synchronous brake information directly and correctly.

7.      Road simulation is close to the actual road circumstances, so the test result is much more reliable.

8.         Full automatic operation system.

C. Technical Parameters

ModelGTL-3BGTL -3BGTL -10AGTL -10BGTL -10C    
Max. Allowed Axle Weight (kg)30003000100001000013000
Brake Force Test Ranges (kN)1010353545
Sideslip Test Ranges (m/km)0~10No.0~15No.No.
Brake Force Indicated Value Error3%3%3%3%3%
Sideslip Test Precision (m/km)0.2No.0.2No(Optional)No. (Optional)
Axle Weight Indicated Value Error2%2%2%2%2%
Plate Size (WxL) (mm)650 x1500610 x15001000 x18001000 x25001000 x3500
Combination Mode4 plates2 plates2 or 4 Plates2 or 4 Plates2 or 4 Plates
Test Speed (km/h)5~105~105~105~105~10
Power Supply220V 300W220V 300W220V 300W220V 300W220V 300W
Outline size (LxWxH) (mm)4730x746x802760x746x803140x1112x100(for 2 Plates)3150x1112x100(for 2 Plates)4150x1112x100(for 2 Plates)