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Reaction Roller Brake Tester

Reaction Roller Brake Tester

Reaction Roller Brake Tester is equipped with rollers with large diameters, higher test speed, higher test precision and stable performance, this tester is not only able to test and calculate the max. brake forces, block forces and also process errors of left/right wheels, it meets the latest National standard and is being used widely in all types of vehicle test workshops.

1 Twisting force case is made with German technology, it is with high performance and high precision reverse driving force.

2Motor decelerator, made in Germany, is installed in the middle of the platform. It has the structures of integrative platform design. The decelerator works stably, test precision is high.

3 With controller for the 3rd roller, the buffer prevents the tire abrasion, feedback device for speed signal.

4 The main body is wholly welded, with high intension, no need to fix the main body on the ground with ground bolts and it is easy to adjust and install. The rollers are covered with high quality surface sand, advanced adhesive sand technology, the adhesion modulus is above 0.85 in case of both dry and wet, the longevity is over 200000 times.

5 The sensor is with high precision, certified by ISO9002.

6 Test precision is high, repetition performance is good, brake force error is <1.5%��National Standard �ܡ�5%.

7 Optional for air chamber and 3rd roller(including control software)

Max. Allowed Axle Weight (kg)30001000015000
Tread (Inner Width/Outer Width)(mm)700/2400700/2400700/2900
Brake Force Test Ranges(KN)2 x (0-10)2 x (0-30)2 X (0-45)
Test Speed (KM/H)
Roller Dia x Lenth (mm)Ø245 x 850Ø245 x 1000Ø245 x 1100
Motor Power (KW)2 x 32 x 112 X 15
Power SupplyAC380V 50 HZAC380V 50 HZAC380V 50 HZ
Dimension2900 X 870 X 3504330 x 980 x 4804100 x 1115 x 480