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Vehicle Axle Load Tester

Vehicle Axle Load Tester

This tester is used to weigh the dynamic/static axle weights of front and rear axles, left and right wheel loads, and the distribution status.

 1The main body, with high strength, made of high quality steel, is wholly welded, no need to fix the main body on the ground with ground bolts and it is easy to adjust and install. 

2High quality Strain Gauge Transducer with high precision.

3).Overpassing weighing increase the test efficiency.

Max. Allowed Axle Weight (kg)30001000015000
Test Ranges (kg)0-30000-100000~15000
Wh Wheel Tread(Inner Width/Outer Width)(mm)700/2400700/2700700/2900
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight)2700 x 660 x 2003000 X 960 X 2203000x960x220
Zero Value Error of Axle Weight

Value Error of Axle Weight


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