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Vehicle Chassis Tester

Vehicle Chassis Tester

Technical Features & Functions

Roller surface is sprayed with plasma hard alloy, hardness��HRC60, adhesive coefficient��0.92, high-grade braking balance;

Installed with imported electric eddy current machine with reliable performance;

Able to measure the loss of gearing system, chassis output power, wheel torque and engine power, and print the curve of engine power;

Able to test the performance of acceleration and slip of vehicle;

Able to calibrate the speedometer and milemeter;

Installed with exhaust analyzer, able to adopt ASM5025/ASM2540 according to the current national standards and Requirements of Comprehensive Performance and Testing Methods of Commercial Vehicles;

Able to test the discharge of exhaust of vehicle;

Installed with fuel consumption meter, able to test the fuel consumption in various cases (e.g. load);

The control system is based on WIN2000 system, with complete functions and clear interface, featuring strong networking function and easy operations; it is easy to retrieve the testing data and color display and print diagrams and testing results automatically;

Installed with adjustable stopper to ensure that front drive vehicle will not produce sideslip at the time of testing and ensure the safety and reliability of testing.

Main Technical Parameters

Max. axle load(kg)30001000013000
Max. absorption power(kw)160160250
Max. braking moment(Nm)160016002500
Max. testing speed(km/h)120120120
Roller (dia.xlength) (mm)216 x 850370 x 1000370 x 1100
Roller center distance(mm)480600600
Roller (inner width/outer width)(mm)700/2400700/2700700/2900
Power supply(HZ)220 +/- 10% 50 HZ220 +/- 10% 50 HZ220 +/- 10% 50 HZ