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Vehicle Slideslip Tester

Vehicle Slideslip Tester


The vehicle sideslip tester is used to test the sideslip quantity from the combined action of the camber angle and toe-in angle.


1. The whole welded body is strong, material has high intensity and quality, easy to adjust and install.

2. The idler wheels is with high accuracy, the slider slides smoothly, and the level initial tensible force is very small.

3. It adopts double slider linkage, synchronization error is�� 0.04mm, repetitiveness is excellent.

    4. Advanced structures, double sliders slip seperately, easy to install.

��     Technical Parameters:

Max Axle Load (Kg)30001000015000
Tread(Inner/Outer Width mm)700 (Inner) 2400(Outer)700 (Inner) 2700(Outer)700 (Inner) 2900(Outer)
Test Ranges m/km+/- 15+/- 15+/- 15
Slider Size mm850 x 5001000 x 10001000 x 1000
Dimension mm2700 x 660 x 2003000 x 1420 x 2203000 x 1420 x 220