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Vehicle Speedmeter Tester

Vehicle Speedmeter Tester


The vehicle speedmeter is used to test the differences between the speedmeter displays and the actural driving speed. It simulates the vehicle running state to test the precision of speedmeter and performance. 


The main body is wholly welded, with high intension, no need to fix the main body on the ground with ground bolts and it is easy to adjust and install.   

The roller is processed synchronously inside and outside, the balance precision is high, it works without libration at the speed of 120km/h. 

Equipped with air chamber lift, synchronization is stabel, free of maintenance and oiling 

the surface of main rollers is with flower-print, allows high speed running, synchronization is stable.  

Control instrument is able to stop the lift when roller speed reaches 5km/h, so as to keep safe 

Non-contact sensor works stably. Platform is made of steel with high strength.

 Technical Parameters:

Max. Allowed Axle Weight(kg)30001000015000
Test Ranges of Speed(km/h))0-1200-1200~120
Wheel Tread (Inner Width/Outer Width)(mm) 700/2400 700/2700700/2900
Roller Diameter x Length(mm)      Ø190 x 850Ø190 x 1100ø190×1100
Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight)2700 x 850 x 400 3200 x 900 x 4803200x900x480
Central Distance of Rollers