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Vehicle Suspension Performance Tester

Vehicle Suspension Performance Tester

Technical Features & Functions

By mechanical vibration, this tester makes the suspension system creat syntony and test the wheel dynamic mechanical grip and static mechanical grip so as to test and analyze the functions and performance of the suspension system.

The main body is wholly welded, with high intension, no need to fix the main body on the ground with ground bolts and it is easy to adjust and install.

High-quality precision non-contact sensor awarded with ISO9002 quality system certificate, featuring high precision of testing, good repeating performance and low rate of failure;

Conform to JT448-2001T national industrial standard and GB18565-2001 international standard;

It adopts imported shock absorber.

Installed with IPC; the control system is based on WIN2000 system, with complete functions and clear interface, featuring automatic testing and easy operations;

Strong networking function; it is easy to retrieve the testing data and color display and print diagrams, curves and testing results automatically;

Able to conduct soft calibration through control software with high accuracy.

Main Technical Parameters

Max. Allowed Axle Weight (KG)3000
Vibration Frequency (HZ)23
Motor Frequency
Deviation of Repeatability of Absorption Rate2%
Deviation of Axle Weight Indicating Value2%
Deviation of Left/Right Wheel Weight Indicating Value
Applicable Tread (Inner Width/Outer Width) (mm)800 /2200
Motor Power (KW)2 x 22
Dimensions (mm)2400 x 440 x 335