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D9350 brake drum/disc cutting machine is special equipment developed and manufactured by us referred to foreign advanced machine type for maintenance of automobile brake drum/disc. The machine is polish in material use, with consummate process, advanced design, pretty appearance, high machining accuracy and efficiency, simple operation and maintenance, provided with perfect moulds and clamps for car and light truck suitable for many types of cars. Spindle feed adopts advanced infinitely variable speed design. Feeding capacity can be adjustable within 0.05-0.5 at will, which brings very convenience for you.

Main castings of the machine is made of aluminum alloy material, whole machine weight is very light. Variable speed gear adopts high quality alloy steel 38 CrMoAl and made of advanced process through nitrogenation, durability.

This machine can use single phase 220V civil electricity upon customer’s request and 380V 3Ph power electricity design, meanwhile, can design moulds for special car type for user. The machine is not only advanced in performance and high machining accuracy, but also exclusive production in home, and the price is only one third of that of the same product abroad, and also can share high quality service of our factory, it is your desirable special equipment for automobile brake drum/disc maintenance.

Available to various types of cars including medium trucks.

-Multipurpose applications to work-pieces, including brake hubs and disks even part of brake shoes if special moulds can be provided.

-high machining accuracy and serviceability.

-Stepless variable drive is provided for spindle feeding.

-Nitrided alloy steel 38CrMoAl is used for such important parts as gears etc., wearable and durable/Equipped with perfect work-holder/moulds and necessary accessories.

Main specifications:

Drum diameter152-500mm
Drum Depth175mm
Disc diameter180-330mm
Spindle speeds70,80,118rpm
Spindle feed rateInfinitely variable,0.002″to 0.020″
(0.05-0.5 mm)per revolution
Cross feed Rate0.002″and 0.010″(0.05-0.25 mm)per revolution
Motor1HP,OPTIONAL 220-240vac,50-60HZ 1PH (0.75KW)
3HP,OPTIONAL 380-400vac,50-60HZ 1PH (0.75KW)
  • Quickly,accurately and efficiently to cutting rotor

  • fast and slow setting allow cutting rotor

  • Quickly, accurately and efficiently to cutting drum

  • Finitely adjustably setting allow cutting drum

  • Three kinds of speed to choice for spindle speed

  • A convenient design allows to quickly change from rotor to drum

  • Position of stop make the lathe stop automatic after the cutting

  • Fully equipped adapter package