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GB1200 With the expressway development at top speed in the domestic and abroad, more people have the new requirement with tyre balancing of high-speed bus and truck.

GB1200″Large” version wheel balancer is the special design for the above-mentioned automobiles and also taking account of the big and mini-bus.

International universal standard flange may balance all kinds of tyres such as luxurious buses, trucks and other special objects with the range of max. wheel weight 150kg, rim width 508mm and wheel diameter 1200mm by replacing clamping-positioning devices.

Use rangeAutomotive repairing company
Transportation company, motorcade
Tyre specialized service station
Rim width Rim diameter38.1~508mm
Max. wheel diameter1200mm
Max. wheel weight150kg
Balancing programDynamic, static and ALU program
Testing time8s
Protection cover(optional)
Pneumatic built-in liftSupplied
Overall dimensions (width X length) approx1500*2000mm
Power supply380V;220V (optional)
Machine weight approx248kg
Standard accessories (supplied)International universal standard flange
tapering (diameter range 40-285mm)
Wheel width calipers, Lock nut
Wheel ballast weight pliers