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Technical Parameter:

Max.wheel diameter1300mm
Machine weight598kg
Rim width10″-30″
Insnde Clamp14″-28″
Rotating speed7rpm-13rpm
Carton Size20″=6;40″=14

1‚ Demounting tool head can move automatically, which increases the demounting speed.

2‚ Equipped with LCD display, which can monitor the process of dismount or mount of the tire from the bottom.

3‚ Automatically wheel lift, saving labour force.

4‚ Extended arm of wheel lift, enlarge the monting tire range.

5‚ The main shaft has different levels, it can choose different height accordingto the tire’s width.

6‚ Upper and bottom bead breaker disks can move at the same time, increasing the working efficency.

7‚ It is easy to operate, no damage to the rim.