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1. Windows Vista operation system , specialist 08model location software .

2. pure CCD images handling, images identification measuring , sensors working temperature from-40°C to60°C.

3. 100% electrical standards , it can monitor the work of sensors on line and remote control

4. wireless Bluetooth2.4G transporting skill, Bluetooth fastens the sensors and demarcate frame is not needed , access users can finish it indepently.

5. animate assistance on whole course to make the using more simple.

6. Four figure location ( can speak ) , a few languages’ choice.

7. The strong ability of ray resistance and distraction and can adjust different working environment.

8. Supporting A6, B5 bow adjustment, promptly advanced wheel location , no figures are measured.

9. After stopping work for 5 minutes ( the time can be settled) , the sensor will be cut off the power source.

10. With the function of adjusting and opinting under the car . It can also measure the data of camber angle when there is no power.

11. Antognosis function, no need to back to factory , sensor can totally finish the exchange independently.

12. More than 20000 kinds of car data , software update , can finish it on the internet .

13. LCD liquid-crystal display on the sensors , it points the communication battery power and the sensor.

14. Black box function , record the data on whole way.

15. Wide range distinguish and measuring function automally.

16. Enlarge the diameter range10"~25"